Science and Technology's Pioneers

Welcome to Spectral Energies! We are a team of pioneering scientists and engineers specializing in Gas Turbine Propulsion/Power, Sensors/Diagnostics, Hypersonics, Aero-Optics, Plasma Physics, Wind Tunnel Research, Aero-Acoustics and Material Research. Our extensive background helps fuel a focus on technology development, transition and commercialization. Indeed, great science, advanced technology and their application are the hallmarks of our corporate values and culture.

Services include engineering analysis, physical interpretation and research support with leading edge technology in photonics, active sensing and high-speed multi-dimensional imaging. We also design and develop advanced, state-of-the-art solutions for your specific needs in optics, lasers, sensors, aerospace science and engineering. At Spectral Energies, we believe this combination of research and design is essential for accelerating solutions to current and future challenges.

Spectral Energies’ scientists and engineers have fielded commercial instruments for gas sensing, chemical speciation, thermometry, pressure, and velocimetry for a wide range of applications. Ongoing initiatives include component-level engineering (e.g., laser sources and custom opto-mechanics), as well as system-level instrument integration, training, consulting, and application. Our scientists publish over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles per year based on our advancements in these types of scientific and technology applications.

With this intense focus on impacting leading edge technology, it’s also worth noting that Spectral Energies works just as hard to build positive relationships with our clients, partners and communities. We integrate and collaborate with your team for maximum impact and develop custom approaches to your specific needs. Our scientists can be located at your site or can foster collaboration from our facilities as well. Either way, our reward comes from your satisfaction!


Spectral Energies was formed in 2006 by the union of several renowned science and technology pioneers. Since that founding, extensive experience in the aerospace, transportation, defense, and energy sectors has earned Spectral Energies numerous phase I, II and III SBIR/STTR (greater than 100) contracts and grants from government agencies like DoD, NASA, NIH, DoE on technologies related to aerodynamics, diagnostics and sensors, hypersonics, aero-optics, aero-acoustics, wind tunnels, particle analyzers and plasma.

Our acclaimed scientists have published more than 500 combined research articles over the course of their careers and have received prestigious recognitions from various organizations such as AIAA, ASME, and other national and regional organizations. We continued developing leading-edge technology and pioneered commercialization efforts, such as our burst mode laser.

Today, Spectral Energies enjoys significant demand and supports clients around the globe. To accommodate the continued growth of for our services, Spectral Energies will be moving into a new, larger and a more adaptable facility in 2017. With more than 12,000 square feet, this new building will provide more office and meeting space, improve process flow and host larger labs while helping us maintain the same enduring reputation for quality and reliability we’ve become recognized for.

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It is the mission of Spectral Energies to develop, commercialize, and implement new technologies for addressing critical challenges in the aerospace, transportation, defense, and energy sectors. This includes providing scientific research and consulting services and helping to develop working partnerships with our clients in industry, academia, national laboratories, and other research and development firms. We will succeed in this mission and serve our clients while enabling the scientific creativity of our personnel to flourish in a cooperative, professional, and personally rewarding environment.