Hyperspectral Absorption Sensor

Today’s modern propulsion platforms are expected to provide unprecedented performance in terms of fuel efficiency, power output, and reliability – demands that will only continue to increase over time. These increasing demands force designers to rely on sophisticated computer simulations that use models of the complex chemistry and turbulent flow field that are often difficult and sometimes impossible to validate. Having a means to measure critical combustion performance data such as flame temperature and key species concentrations is highly desirable. Laser-absorption-based sensors offer the means to non-intrusively measure gas properties in the harshest, most challenging of environments.

Spectral Energies’ hyperspectral absorption sensors use the principles of molecular absorption spectroscopy to measure gas properties, but unlike traditional approaches such as FTIR or TDLAS they are built for speed in order to capture the dynamics present in real-world devices. Our current sensor architectures are optimized for accurate and precise measurements of H2O vapor concentration and gas temperature, and can be extended to measurements of pressure and velocity. Measurement rates in excess of 50 kHz are easily obtainable and other molecular species, such as CO/CO2, can be targeted as well. Please contact us for details.